About Us

AOC Vision:

An Alberta where AOC member groups work in collaboration to ensure the continued respectful use, enhancement, and enjoyment of Alberta’s wilderness and natural resources for the benefit of all Albertans

AOC Mission:

In a collaborative advocacy effort, to work towards the preservation of responsible recreational access and the enhancement of Alberta’s wilderness and natural resources.

Success to date:

  • Forming a common front with diverse interests at a provincial organization level
  • Recognition by the Premier, Ministers of Sustainable Resource Development and Tourism, Parks and Recreation
  • Successful campaign the alter the proposed Rock Lake/Solomon Creek Provincial Park Boundaries
  • Providing advice to ATPR Minister for the design and implementation of the Alberta Plan for Parks

AOC Objectives:

  • To identify and work towards rectifying flaws in the planning and establishment of “parks” in Alberta.
  • To bring to Government, our concerns as one united front.
  • To ensure that the traditional, heritage, and social aspects of all outdoor activities are recognized and respected by government, planners, and society.
    • And further, to ensure that these activities not be unreasonably restricted or denied.
    • And to have recognized those activities pursued by the members of the AOC as being an integral part of our “quality of life and wellness”.
  • To volunteer our expertise in planning processes as responsible stakeholders.
  • Insistence to work directly with those individuals in charge.
    • Ensuring equitable planning to the inclusion of all users.
  • Hold the Government to its promise of “governing with integrity and transparency”.
  • To encourage cross ministry communication to attain a balanced perspective and equitable decision making.
  • To insist that “parks” be included in the “Land Use Framework”.